Have it all!

Live your most fulfilled life.
Balance your busy corporate responsibilities.
Spend your time doing what brings you joy!

Work Life Balance

Are today’s priorities leaving little time for you and your family?

Does your balance feel out of whack? SHERRIE LIVED THAT LIFE!

Sherrie will help you follow a path to achieve the balance that will provide you with the personal gratification that you aspire to.


Professional Development

Are you satisfied with your current life path? Is your career controlling your life or are you controlling your career?

Sherrie spent 30 years as a Human Resources professional in a Fortune 500 company. She has a proven track record. Let Sherrie help you achieve your professional and personal goals.


Business Leadership

Are you a leader in today’s business world? Would you like to improve the productivity of your team? Would you like to grow your business even further?

Do you need help succession planning your team? Sherrie is an expert at that type of planning.

Sherrie will help you learn leadership skills so you can focus on the strategic objectives of your company drawing upon her 30+ years of experience.

Why Sherrie Brenner?

Corporate Experience
Sherrie spent 30 years as a Human Resources professional for a Fortune 500 company. Professional development is a passion of hers. As Sherrie worked with her team, she naturally gravitated to help them with more personal issues including how to juggle all of the balls that today’s busy lives present. Sherrie believes that an individual enjoying their personal life is more apt to be successful professionally. Let Sherrie show you how to achieve that!
Certified Life Coach
Sherrie is a certified life coach. Sherrie’s certification meets the standard of The International Coach Federation (ICF). She was credentialed through The Spirit Centered Coaching program under the guidance of Dr Sheran Mattson PsyD.

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    My mission is to inspire, uncover and nurture the ability for people to live their most fulfilled life in a way that provides them joy.

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