Let Sherrie design
a program
specifically for you!

Sherrie’s approach
to Coaching

          Are You Ready to:

Be introspective?
Getting to know yourself even better is a key to success. Learn to love yourself as you are. Soar with your strengths and stop obsessing about weaknesses.
Learn new skills?
Be a continuous learner! Learn new ways to dissolve stress and increase joy.
Plan your life?
Let’s put the control back into your hands. Don’t let your life just happen. Be intentional about what you want your future to look like.
Enjoy every moment?
Learn how to be in that proverbial moment and enjoy each and every one.
Celebrate your success?
Sherrie wants you to appreciate the special gifts that you have! Enjoy what makes you so special!

Sherrie's program consists of:

Sherrie will specifically tailor a program for you. The components are:
Weekly or bi-weekly virtual sessions based on your schedule and needs.
Tools for you to use between sessions.
48 hour response time on email communication.
A final review of the successes achieved.

Here is What People Are
Saying About Sherrie


Sherrie has this magical ability to take a story and all its emotional integrity and interpret it to make me feel better about myself. Sherrie is calm, yet fun and I love our connection. I am forever indebted to her words of wisdom and guidance. Thank you Sherrie for being you.



I wasn’t necessarily a “believer” in life coaching.  But working with Sherrie changed my opinion.  She was so easy to talk to.  She gave me a different perspective on things and gave me goals that were achievable.  To this day I am still applying Sherrie’s techniques.  She has truly mastered her craft!!  Thank you!



Sherrie has been an amazing resource for me in my journey. She has given me personal and professional guidance that has helped shape how I look at my life and identify what is truly important.  She is someone I will continue to utilize for guidance and support for years to come. Thank you Sherrie!  

Katie T.

What others say
about Sherrie


Working with Sherrie really helped me wade through managing the challenges of my growing furniture and design business.  Where I felt overwhelmed with both client and staff issues, she brought clarity and helped me see solutions that were within my reach.   Where I felt stressed and unfocused at the beginning of a session, I ended with the strategy I needed to manage the issues.  She provided the tools I needed to be in charge and a good leader without feeling overwhelmed by it all.  Sometimes it takes looking at a scenario from a fresh and insightful vantage point to see the clear solution and pathway back to joy!  Thank you SHERRIE.


“While my relationship and conversation with Sherrie may have started professional in nature, the impact she has had on my life has become so much more than that. Sherrie has been an incredible mentor and coach for me over the past 10+ years – guiding me through professional and personal growth. She listens without judgement, offers suggestions that are right for me, and helps me find my own answers. I often wonder if I would have been willing to take some of the risks I have (all of which have paid off) without the support and friendship she has given.”



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